Winter sports on Lake Baikal

In winter, the huge lake Baikal becomes a fabulously unique place. Magic landscapes, nature seems to be frozen, snow-capped peaks, clear ice and boundless white spaces... But it is not the only reason for which thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Baikal in winter every year. You can not only contemplate and be inspired, but also get a great portion of adrenaline, trying yourself in various sports.

Winter diving

The air temperature in Siberia in winter reaches 40 degrees below zero. Before the start of the diving, the divers must have a special training. And if a person has never had practice in diving, he will not have an opportunity to dive with the aqualung under the ice. Of course, only really sophisticated are solved tourists decide to dive under the 1,5 meters ice. But it is well worth the effort. The Baikal-diver has an opportunity to see the fiction of the underwater world, fantastic winter architecture, frozen droplets and snowflakes.


This game takes place on the ice which is marked of 2 km track, and flags are installed in the holes. Natural irregularities of the Baikal ice make the game even more interesting and diverse than the usual golf. The winter cold of Siberia introduces a big part of extreme into the competition. In 2020 the Icegolf  World Cup will take place in Baikal.


It is a very fascinating sport, which gained widespread appreciation only in the 19th century. It’s a competition in ice races on special sailing ice-boats, which are driven by wind and ... skates attached to the bottom. This unusual transport without motors can put on speed up to 100 km / h with only the help of strong baikal-wind.


Or in another way - mountain climbing in the Baikal mountains. Not only beginners but also professionals will appreciate scenic routes of varying complexity. The main trails of mountaineers lie in the mountains of the Eastern Sayan. Special interest among athletes with experience attract the ridge of the Eastern Sayan (or Tunkinsky Goltsy). On Lake Baikal there are rocks with a long length and the difference in elevation. In winter, there are even regular mountain climbing competitions in Baikal