Group of Companies Baikal Aqua

Group of Companies Baikal Aqua is the exclusive manufacturer of Lake Baikal water from a depth of 400 m. Water is extracted according to the patented method from the special layers of the lake located 1,5 km away from the shore. In order to preserve the best quality of the bottled water, we are the only who are involved in the entire process, including both the water production and its’ delivery to our customers. Our group is constantly increasing investment in engineering and future construction of the new plants. We are working only with high qualifed specialists. These people in turn strongly believe in the company mission and make a large contribution to its success.

Structure Group of Companies Baikal Aqua


Production company Baikal Aqua LLc (Baikal settlement, Russia)


Trade company Baikal Aqua LLc (Moscow, Russia)